24 months warranty on all electrical components from installation date
12 months FREE labour on warranty replacements
15 years warranty on concrete tank

The only exclusions to your warranty are for damage due to fire, flood. Vandalism or owner interference to the system controls, and or, damage due to supplementary irrigation systems attached for system disposal. The system is intended to be serviced by our authorised service agent and it is advisable to have that service provided to ensure complete protection particularly during the life of warranty term.

Our desire is to have your system operating efficiently and to avoid any breakdowns, or major repair costs. Following the procedures in the warranty booklet will greatly assist in achieving that objective.

Labels can be supplied to you (upon request) for installation in those areas of the home that have water sourced facilities serving as a reminder to you and your guests.

Remember whatever you dispose of down the drains, toilets etc remains in your system.


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