Rules on Servicing

With all household appliances it is important to ensure that the product is performing correctly and safely, more so with a Household Sewerage Treatment Plant. Authorities wish to ensure that your onsite treatment plant is performing to its’ approval levels and that the disposal of the fully treated effluent is meeting the health standard requirements. To satisfy those conditions is why when approving the installation of a plant on your home site they insist on mandatory servicing every three months with a report copy from the service company issued to Council. Councils regularly audit the servicing of systems installed in their Shires to satisfy that such services are provided and that the servicing company is approved through a licenced operator to service their area.

The “Super-Treat” HSTP installed at your home will continue to operate to your expectations for many years to come, though the preventative maintenance to your system is essential to it the well-being of the system and a healthy environment. Servicing of the “Super-Treat” systems is initially provided through our approved and licenced service companies, who also fulfil Warranty conditions applicable in the two years following installation.

Should you consider servicing changes after that period then ensure that any replacement has the license and the acceptance of your Council. The servicing programme for “Super-Treat” systems is provided in the following pages.


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