How to Order

If you know the Model you require then the simplest method to order is by phone, call either ”SUPER-TREAT” or phone directly to the Agent for your area. Unsure of the Model you require, or you have further questions then a phone call to satisfy your queries to the above. When requesting a price or estimate, obtain a complete understanding of what is being offered as far as associated services, such as hole preparation, irrigation needs, when you need supply etc. It is advantageous to be certain of all aspects related to the ordering your system to avoid possible misunderstanding occurring.

Consider that it is not a requirement to have your system installed at the time of commencement of home building, unless, there is the possibility of restricted access at a later date. Also if planning to have pad preparation, install water tanks etc, the ability to use excavation services for all excavation at the same time would prove economical. Using your builder’s plumber is also a good choice. Finally important that you consider where to locate the “Super-Treat” System, you need a fall of 1:60 to provide gravity feed from the home to the system. Tank/s are exposed above ground level by 100mm, power is required at the system site, the installation is practically permanent.

Could be, can be moved later, though expensive and not recommended. Location for the system should be determined by deciding where added items, garden shed, swimming pool, etc; and locating the system accordingly.


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