One Tank Advanced Secondary Super-Treat Sewage System


Toowoomba Tanks All in One Sewage Treatment System Processes ALL the household wastewater from ALL sources to the health standard level demanded allowing reuse of that water for your irrigation needs

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    MODEL 1T-AST This system is installed in one (1) pre cast concrete tank of 10,000 litre capacity. A one piece mould partitions the tank into the various processing chambers. The tank is installed with approximately 100 mm protruding above ground level. Approval Rating 10 E.P.(processing level 2000 litres per day).

    TREATMENT STANDARD: Advanced Secondary Level.

    CEA Number: 07/2014

    System Capacity: 7000L

    The Super-Treat system is the best value for money system on the market. If you compare the internal workings of a Super-Treat system to its competitors you will see why.

    • The Super-Treat system has a standard 2 year warranty on all parts including; irrigation pump, air pump, electrics etc
    • Single tank system is either Secondary or Advanced Secondary treatment
    • Two tank systems are Secondary treatment
    • Single pour tank construction (tank and internal walls are poured together giving a strong leak proof tank)
    • Davey D25A irrigation pump or equivalent
    • Nitto 80L air pump or equivalent
    • Full air distribution using air diffuser discs incorporating 25mm delivery lines
    • Large media surface area
    • If required full size tank risers can be delivered and fitted to the tank during delivery
    • The Super-Treat system has larger chamber capacities giving longer intervals between septic tank pump outs to give a quality treatment to the water.

    The system uses high quality pumps and air compressors.

    Air diffusers provide balanced air throughout the chambers. High volume of media improves processing. (You receive two years warranty on all parts including pumps and blowers.) Large chambers in both 2 tank and 1 tank systems exceed performance standards. No plastic components, full mould provides leak free joints. Your first years service is included in your purchase price. Local agents provide ongoing service with emergency response if and when required.

    Whether you choose a two tank or a one tank system you are assured of low cost operation and a long life from your wastewater treatment plant. Once installed your Super-Treat system will supply healthy wastewater processing for your family and visitors.

    How does it work?

    Your Super-Treat System will process ALL the household wastewater from ALL sources to the health standard level demanded allowing reuse of that water for your irrigation needs.

    1tOutgoing recycled water is clear and clean with no odour and will not harm anything in your garden. The system provides anaerobic treatment in the primary chamber then to aeration chambers and on to clarification and disinfection prior to disposal. In the instance of some operating defect, a warning system alerts you to contact your serviceman.

    The system is designed to process a total of 2000 litres per day to comfortably service all in the home plus visitors or special event occasions.

    Please call the office for more information or download a brochure from the link below.

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