5000L Septic Tank with Baffle Wall

Commonly used for grey and black water three to five bedrooms (all purpose).

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    5000 Litre Septic Tank with baffle wall commonly used for grey and black water three to five bedrooms (all purpose The concrete divider wall splits the tank into a 2/3 , 1/3 configuration retaining all solids on the inlet side and allowing black water through the PVC sewer junctions to the outlet side. The concrete divider can be assembled on site or before delivery. Check with design requirements.

    Size: 5000 Litres

    Holding Capacity: 6500 Litres approx

    External Diameter: 2160mm

    Weight: 4200 kg
    Inlet: 100mm PVC (standard)

    Outlet: 100mm PVC (standard)

    If looking for a full pump out system please see our Pump out system products page.

    For excavation and delivery information please download the attached pdf below.

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