3400L Pump Out System with Baffle Wall & Pump Well

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    This system is designed for black and grey water to be pumped to a disposal area or sewer line. It is constructed from a 3400L septic tank with a reduced working capacity, giving it a reserve for either pump or power failure. The concrete divider wall splits the tank into a 2/3 , 1/3 configuration retaining all solids on the inlet side and allowing black water through the PVC sewer junctions to the outlet side. It will enter the pump well chamber via the outlet filter, starting the submersible pump when it reaches the desired level. The primary treated effluent is then pumped to a disposal area.

    Size: 3400 Litres

    Holding Capacity: 4700 Litres approx

    Pumpwell Capacity: 420 Litres approx

    External Diameter: 1955mm

    Weight: 3800 kg
    Inlet: 100mm PVC (standard)

    Outlet: 40mm Brass (standard)

    Septic Tank:
    Concrete Baffle Wall:
    Retains solids in the 2/3 compartment and allows black water to pass to the 1/3 compartment.
    Optional Outlet Filter:
    Designed to filter out any solids from the black water chamber before reaching the pump well. Will need periodic cleaning.
    Submersible 240V pump with float switch to automatically start and stop pump. All pumps are fitted with a non-return valve and barrel union for easy replacement. Pump size depending on application.
    Optional Solar Powered High Water Level Alarm:
    A high water level alarm can be fitted to the system to warn user of power, pump failure or blockage. If red light is flashing the water level in pump well chamber has reached higher than normal level. The cause for high water level should be rectified.

    For excavation and delivery information please download the attached pdf below.

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