Equipped with two 27.5 tonne rear mounted crane trucks, Toowoomba tanks has the ability to deliver its products to any area in QLD and NSW.

Our delivery service is available Monday-Saturday*

Delivery is via a rear mounted crane truck, the product is placed over the rear of the truck-never to the side of the truck. The truck can unload the product by reversing up to the square edge of the hole or to a corner of the excavated area. The second option is preferred as it allows the truck to be closer to the hole without putting any weight on the edge of the hole.

In order to complete a safe and cost effective delivery, please consider the following;

  • Crane truck needs to operate on a clear FLAT level site
  • If hole is benched, crane truck installation may not be possible
  • 4.8m minimum clearance required to pass under trees and power lines
  • Narrow gates, pathways and large overhanging trees must not impede access
  • Check for low weight limit bridges or other hazards on your street and area
  • Check for underground plumbing or septic trenches in the access area.
  • Site allowance of 30 minutes for 1700L, 3400L, 5000L and 1T.
  • Site allowance of 45 minutes for 10,000L and 22 500L.

Special lifting equipment is required on all units.

Do not chain through lift fitting.

FINAL decision for installation is with the crane truck operator

truck illustration

Delivery instructions for all Septic and Rainwater tanks are available for download on their specific product pages. 

If you have any questions regarding delivery please call 0746943860

*Saturday delivery by arrangement only


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